Dream: Freedoms Removed from Americans in 2020

After a day of deep prayer for our nation, asking God to protect it, I went to sleep and had a flash dream. It was nothing but two words written in white on a grey background. The words were: “LIMITATIONS” and “RESTRICTIONS”. I knew this meant that some of our freedoms will be removed starting this year still.

Thoughts: Because of growing internal problems in America, some of our freedoms will be permanently taken away under the guise of safety, peace and security. We already had a taste of that when after being imposed curfews because of COVID-19, we experienced 25 American cities including mine, imposing up to week-long curfews, but no longer to keep the city safe from the virus, but now stopping an entire city from freely transiting in order to avoid protests from happening. As much as we want to really believe 2020 is going to get better, it will only get worse, unfortunately. We will even see a shaking in the Court System, terrorist attacks and more biological attacks. I also believe (this is a personal belief) that Trump will be re-elected, causing more uprisings. I know it’s not what you want to hear but it’s time to leave our mental Wonderland, man up and gear up.

These seasons of catastrophes happen for a reason. It’s to reveal that, when a nation relies on self for government instead of seeking God for direction, especially nations who were loyal to God and God made them flourish, it loses direction and it eventually brings destruction upon itself because once we ask God to no longer be a part of our decisions as a nation, his hand of protection is removed accordingly. The more you remove God’s influence from a nation who used to be loyal to Him, his protection is removed. His relationship with us is like the one between a husband and wife. It’s a deep covenant of commitment and partnership. Breaking that is like committing an adultery that leads to divorce. And when there’s divorce, someone leaves the house permanently. You push God out of the house, he leaves. It’s also like the one between a father and a son: the son listens and follows the directions of the father, who knows more than him, and the father commits to protect, provide and nourish the son. You can’t have just half of God, “Oh let me get God’s protection but I don’t want him telling me how to live my life”. That’s using someone, taking advantage of them. You either want God in full or you get nothing at all. He looks for people who want His friendship, his counsel, his relationship, not just what He can do for you to get you ahead or afloat. God is not to be played with. And because of his mercy, even knowing that we use him to our own advantage, He still chooses to bless us in many occasions. Just having the sun and oxygen to be alive is mercy extended to us from God already. But he’s no fool. God is love but God is also just.

This is a time to search yourself and pay attention to God’s direction, whether we feel inconvenienced by it or not. These catastrophes we’re going through as a nation is God trying to grab our attention. Yes, God does bring catastrophes – rather he gives his OK for them to happen but it does not come from his hands – as much as you really want to believe God is nothing but “lovey-dovey”. True love disciplines for the ultimate well-being of the person loved.

…Because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son.” – Hebrews 12:6

I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create calamity; I, the LORD, do all these things.” – Isaiah 45:7

But catastrophe is brought with the goal of humbling down, not for the sake and pleasure of hurting humanity. After all, humans tend to only learn and appreciate things when losing something.

Say to them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, people of Israel?‘” – Ezekiel 33:11

Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign LORD. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?” – Ezekiel 18:23

However, humans are stubborn. Warning after warning comes, and we still say, “Meh” or say, “Yeah, I gotta do something about it” and then do nothing about it. He needs to humble us down as a nation by making us realize we can’t save ourselves and it’s better to follow God’s inconvenient directions with hassles along the way then to have the journey easy and suffer the harsh, permanent consequences of self-government in the end. We’ve been prideful and self reliant for too long now. Demise always comes from that, but if we repent, turn from our sinful ways and turn to Jesus for Lordship and protection as a nation like we once did, God will heal the land.

If my peoplewho are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14

Dream: U.S. Racism Riots

I had this dream on May 31, 2020 that I understood right away to be in regards to the protests happening this month against racism in the U.S.

I saw a billboard that had 2 very muscular, very strong Black men with barbells squatting. They were standing side by side. They were literally squatting, moving up and down as if they were alive on the billboard, as if it was a digital billboard even though it wasn’t. The barbells had a lot of weight on them. The Black man on the right side squatted at a normal pace based on the amount of weight he had on his bar. Under him, there was the name of a particular East Coast city and another word but I don’t remember what they were as I didn’t write this dream down right away.  The Black man on the left side was exercising like a mad man, frantically squatting, going up and down so fast and furious, with steam literally coming out his body, preparing hard to go fight someone, pushing himself to the limit. Under him, there was the name “Los Angeles, CA. Farm rules”. I then woke up.

Interpretation: I understood this dream to be a comparison of how the two sides of the country are or will be fighting against racism in this moment stemming from George Floyd’s death. It seems like Los Angeles, known for raising an anti-gun and pacifist banner, will handle this issue with fury instead. I’m not 100% sure of what farm rules mean but the first thing that came to mind when I woke up was that if you invade a farmer’s property to harm him or what’s his, he’ll feel in the right to come out with a shotgun, ready to shoot. No mercy. But I think it’s all about LA coming in strong against this issue, ready to fight hard.


Update June 9, 2020: An instagram follower who read this post suggested this dream may have to do with George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”. I haven’t read the book but here’s a summary:


Dream: Italy, Wuhan and Fear

I had this dream on March 21, 2020. I had just arrived at a public American Christian concert with various bands and artists. I was walking from the parking lot into the concert arena. I could only see the stage from afar but I could see a massive choir of Caucasian people singing a traditional church choir song on stage, on a balcony built on the second floor of the stage. It’s like the stage had two floors, main floor and gallery. On the gallery area, it was written “Italy”in big letters even though the choir seemed American.
I looked at the parking lot and I saw a bunch of young people getting ready to go inside the gathering with their backpacks and tailgating items but two of the boys were asleep in the middle of the lot, on the floor. Their friends tried to wake them up nicely, even caressing their hair gently. They wouldn’t wake up at all. One of the guys asleep was Black, the other one was White with hair died orange blonde. Then one of their friends, trying to be funny, suddenly knelt by them on their left side and yelled “panic is here”. The two boys immediately jumped but the Black boy woke up so scared, poor thing. Then the moment of them waking up repeated itself in slow motion with a close up on the Black boy’s face and in the dream it was understood that he was scared like that because his friend literally called out on the spirit of panic to come among them by yelling what he yelled and so panic did show up and took over the boys who were asleep.
I woke up but fell asleep again right away. I then dreamed with the city of Wuhan. It was this street with a large round-about and a giant abstract sculpture in the middle of it, and a mix of high and low rise buildings. I had an aerial view of it. I heard a voice that I didn’t know where it was coming from. Something was said about the city, like an announcement, a proclamation over the city about something. I don’t recall it but then I looked to its left, like in a panorama movement of a camera, and the sky on that side of the city became completely dark, dark grey with very dark clouds. Not just gloomy from rain that’s about to pour down, but in the dream, I understood it to be spiritual darkness covering that whole side of the city.
Interpretation: The first dream indicates that the White and Black communities in the U.S. are not “woke” and instead of turning to God for refuge, to which access is right in front of them, like Italians have chosen to do, Black and White Americans are missing out on finding peace because they are “asleep”, allowing the panic of this pandemic to take over them, but especially the Black community (maybe because it was said the virus is more fertile against African-Americans?). The fear that the African-American boy felt in the dream might also be in relation to not only Covid but other issues arising after that that affect the community such as the police brutality and racism protests we’re seeing now in June. The darkness coming from the left side of Wuhan’s skies seems to indicate something evil was, is or will be soon devised in relation to Covid in China. It’s not over yet.

Dream: Blue Ink Drawings Coming out the Paper

This dream is from March 26, 2016. In this dream, I saw a notebook with a male hand drawing faces of adults on it. Each with their genders were drawn with blue ink, contour only. They were drawn on sheets of paper by the hand of the artist. Each person drawn had a different personality. The drawings actually moved around on the paper, as if they were alive. They made facial expressions, moved their head and expressed themselves in a way that I knew they were getting ready to jump out of the sheet of paper and come to life in the real world. Then the artist (I could only see a hand the entire time) chose the face of the woman in the middle of the notebook and added color to her mouth like a lipstick. He had already added color to some of her face before. The moment he painted the lipstick, her face popped out of the paper with sparks and she had a big smile, with all this excitement for being brought to life. The scene then slowed down so I can really capture the moment. Her face was already alive on the paper, it was moving and conscious. However, the faces weren’t truly considered alive until they received the colors, that extra touch. I also remember the face of a young Black man with headphones on, moving his head around, kinda warming up to pumped up music because he knew his time was coming to become a living being out of the paper. Pretty cool dream!

Interpretation: This one was made clear to me right away. The hand was God’s hands. The drawings were us, humans, His creation, and the act of drawing is His design for each of our existence, what He plans for us to become in this Earth. The colors being added are every aspect of our being that needs to be ready, matured, completed by God before we get to become everything we were designed to become. Once we allow God to mature us completely, we are ready to become that, to live with purpose, and that brings joy, happiness, peace and it’s an exciting moment. We are a work of art and the finished product is beautiful if we let the Artist paint us until the end.

Dream: Poker Dealers

This dream was on November 10, 2017. This one was short and it interpreted itself within the dream but I’m not sure if there’s something more specific information to be known about it. This seems to be a life lesson that can be applied to various situations.

I dreamed of a poker table with a blonde woman doing a trick on the players without their knowledge, knowing she’d win already. Other tables had other people like her, as if the dealers were having a competition on who was the most skilled in lying and deceiving the players. And I said to myself in the dream, “we are rewarding the best deceivers”.


Dream: Churches Charging Admission Fee

This is a two-part dream on June 24, 2018. In the first part of the dream I was living in a high rise apartment building and the residents got a nice pamphlet from one of my neighbors downstairs saying they are moving out soon, and just out of love, they were inviting all neighbors to come by their apartment and get some free candy. I thought it was very sweet and selfless of them so I went downstairs to get the candy. I noticed their apartment door was open and the family was all in the living room having a Bible study. I was excited to know they were followers of Jesus. One other neighbor and a maintenance person were also passing by and thought they were in a book club but I specified to them that it was a Bible study.
In the second part of the dream, a friend from church and I went to visit a church in a regular modern-day church building. We got there early and it was a small church. There were some people already there. They seemed very nice but the body language of some of the members indicated to me that they’re a bit too overly spiritual and blindly followed their leaders.
I then noticed they were setting up something at a table by the entrance in the lobby and people were starting to line up before going inside the sanctuary. That sparked my curiosity but I had a feeling something negative was about to happen. My friend had already gotten inside the sanctuary before they started setting up. I get in line to see what’s all about. When it was my turn, all of a sudden, I heard the woman sitting at the table say to me “your total is $15”. I couldn’t believe we were being charged to get inside church! I told her I was a visitor. Then she had the audacity to say, “oh so your total is $18.05 after tax”. I was shocked. I was outraged but didn’t show it. I asked one of their staff members why they charged to get into a church service. She gave me some lame excuse to avoid the real answer so I confronted her and said, “that’s all great but you still didn’t answer my question”. She then realized she would have to be honest and simply said, “I don’t know”, admitting that she just does what she is told. I then pulled one of their male staff aside and asked him why they charged for church. He also said he didn’t know, it was the new policy and that he didn’t quite like doing it. So I got up and told him I wouldn’t be staying so I left.
Interpretation: This was a comparison between the true Church and the false Christian Church. The first one had no elaborate infrastructure, simply gathered as a family to learn together and offer love to everyone outside its 4 walls without judgment. The false Christian church, which currently is already led by its leaders a business leaders in the U.S., will step up their manipulation game and shamelessly take advantage of their followers and visitors, the ones who don’t think for themselves. Like sheep, being led to the slaughter. I wouldn’t be surprised to see churches charging admission fees for their regular services.

Dream: Chip Implant Under Skin

This dream happened sometime in 2016 but I didn’t write down the exact date.

It was a futuristic time in our world where the environment was very clean, streets were calm, the world was technologically modern, very green trees and bright white, pearly-looking everything. People quietly walked down the perfect looking streets. But one thing that I noticed was that people had no life. No smiles, no facial expressions, no talking to each other, all dead inside, just going through the motions. Perfect on the outside, lifeless on the inside.

I entered a high rise building to visit a friend and there was a small market inside the building, mainly for the residents but also accessible to anyone entering the building. It was a small market, bright white inside; it was one big square with shelves along the walls only and a register in the middle of it. It had very little variety and quantity of items and a female cashier at the register. No other staff. She, like everyone else I had seen out in the street, was lifeless. I took a couple small items, checked out without her even looking at me, and I took the elevator up to my friend’s apartment floor.

While walking down the hallway trying to find her apartment, a few lifeless people walked down the hall and as they walked, a couple monitors hanging from the ceiling showed a slew of personal information on them. Their full names, blood type, apartment number, height, weight, educational level and other information that I thought should be nobody’s business. But it was public information and nobody seemed to care that their info was out to the world like this. Whenever someone walked passed the monitors, they would show that person’s full information. I was a little disturbed at that but also amazed at how that could work. The property manager then saw me looking attentively at the monitors and said, “Do you like our new technology?”. I didn’t want to tell him what I actually thought of it so I asked, “How does it work?”. He then pointed at his right hand wrist and said, “This”. I understood it to be a chip implanted under his skin, in his wrist area (the same side as the palm of his hand). He briefly explained the technology but I don’t remember it. I then said, “Is it mandatory?”.  He said, “For now, it’s optional. But after January 20th, it will be mandatory”.

Interpretation: This dream feels self-explanatory for the most part. My impressions were that this will be a time where we’ll have advanced vastly in technology but humans will have no happiness within, they’ll just “exist” and part of that is because humanity will have given up their privacy for safety and security by allowing their bodies to be implanted with a chip that carries all their relevant information. The tough part to understand was the date January 20th. When I told my dad the dream, he pointed out that January 20 is, historically, the date of presidential inaugurations in the U.S. This was right before Trump became president but I didn’t necessarily think that Trump himself would introduce this technology and make it mandatory. I understood that the next change of presidency would usher in whatever chain of events would end up leading us to this “implant fest”.


Dream: Doom Coming to Ukraine

This dream was on August 3, 2019. I dreamed that I went to the Ukraine for some conference. I got there at night and I was in a modern-day metropolitan city with many high rise buildings and city lights. From my hotel window (or apartment, not sure) I saw a river running through the middle of the city with glowing silver coins in the bottom of it and a glowing peacock (firebird) flying over it. It was coming towards downtown from the west side of town. I was sure I was truly seeing a giant bird in the air but I understood it right away to be the mythological creature Phoenix and understood it in the dream to be a demonic creature coming to bring some sort of doom to the Ukraine and not the positive idea of a Phoenix we’re told in Mythology. I also understood in the dream itself that this bird was appearing to the naked eye, coming to dominate the country. I just didn’t want to believe a demon was literally flying over the city right before my own eyes, so openly in the night skies. The silver coins in the water stood out to me, very shiny, large but in the bottom of the river and there was an understanding in the dream that a disease related to the silver coins had taken place. There wasn’t too many of them in the river but enough to pay attention to. From there, the dream skipped to me going inside a mall in this same Ukrainian city and a very technologically advanced church play was going on in the middle of the mall, where they had all sorts of beautiful and advanced special effects in a Broadway-style play. The stage was decorated like a jungle and the play showed 2 demonic monsters (which seemed to be hologram-style) coming after people and trying to capture them and enslave them or at least hurt them and even kill them. They worked in tandem. People ran to save their lives. The people were dressed like indigenous people or more accurately, like in primitive times, almost like cave men. It seemed like they lived in pre-historical times. One of the demons was a big, tall, giant monster similar to a Transformer shape-wise but made out of flesh instead of metal. The other one was the same Phoenix bird I had seen flying. She was flying in front of the other demonic creature in the play. One of the actors kneeled as he fell, pleading them for mercy and his face was of desperation. The play ended right there and a Christian message urging people to repent from their sins to be saved from doom was then given in English over a loud speaker followed by a worship song. After this, the play was officially over, people started to dissipate and I bumped into one of my best childhood friends. I asked her what this “coin disease” was all about. She said,  “It’s something that started with some TV show but it’s a real issue now”. I then asked her about the Phoenix. She was baffled I didn’t know about it. She said ” Have you never heard of the Titans?” She said the Phoenix flies over there often but hasn’t hurt anybody yet. But she knew it wasn’t there for anything good. I thought to myself in the dream, “They are so advanced in times! They even have physical demons among them. How come we don’t know about this kind of thing yet in the U.S.?”. I then woke up from the dream.

Interpretation: This is definitely a symbolism-heavy dream and I only have partial interpretation of it. This dream indicates times of doom arriving in Ukraine, something from the past that will come back to life and bring problems to the people. This is a danger that has already been lurking around for some time but people have not yet seen its negative results so they haven’t paid attention to it, and won’t see it until it’s too late. They’ll experience a problem (that seems to be a disease) that will come from a tv show. This evil will be “activated” especially because the powers of Ukraine have been inviting evil forces from ages past into the nation by celebrating them in modern times. I don’t know what the second monster in the play represents but it is indicated to be a titan in my dream which makes sense because he was giant and I’ve learned titans were “immortal giants”. I am unsure as to what the silver coins in the river that apparently caused the disease symbolize.
I did quite a bit of research on this dream after the fact. I first Googled “Ukraine silver cons”. The first thing that showed up was an article about a series of silver coins called “Fauna and Flora” that the National Bank of Ukraine launched. From 2016-2018 the coins were meant to celebrate Ukraine‘s civilization history since prehistoric times. Here they are: https://agaunews.com/portfolio-items/fauna-in-cultural-monuments-of-ukraine/.
As you can see, the very first coin on the page is a peacock, which is a representation of the Phoenix (reference here: https://academyofancientreflexology.com/resources/peacocks/history-and-myth/ ).
I randomly found a video while researching Ukraine after the dream. It’s about a local speaking on Youtube and he is speaking on camera at a park in the capital Kiev, when he walks and starts speaking right in front of this monument called The Holodomor Memorial, which has statues of Phoenix birds all over it. See it for yourself (minute 16:38): https://youtu.be/5Sm7VOV1Kig . This is the monument in the video:
I went and told my dream to my best friend, who I still keep in touch with. She said she has never been to Ukraine and that the closest she’s ever been to it was by binge watching the TV show Chernobyl which is interesting because she had said to me in the dream, “the coin disease issue started with a TV show but now it’s a real issue”.

Dream: Broken Kabbalah Tree

I had this very short dream on April 13, 2020. A tree had all its leaves covered in these neon blue electroshock kind of waves and it kept shocking them. The high energy level of that wave was such that it broke the entire tree, starting by its trunk. The tree trunk was made out of black capital letters forming the word Kabbalah. I saw that word crumbling as the tree felt the shock and the entire tree collapsed.

Interpretation: I didn’t know much about the teachings or the symbolisms in this esoteric practice that some sects of Judaism, such as the Hasidic Jews, practice until after this dream. I’ve learned that the Kabbalah’s main symbol is the tree of life and that there are rumors of an occult side to the practice nicknamed “Black Kabbalah”. I believe this possibly means a coming attack against or destruction of the Black Kabbalah or the Kabbalah practice as a whole.

Dream: Socialism and Death

This dream was on August 17, 2019. I dreamed I was in a school with a teacher and few other women but in our teen and young adult ages. They seemed to be American. The school had poor lighting so everything was kind of dark inside and the school had poor infrastructure. We were walking and commenting about how we no longer have grades to gauge our knowledge. One of the students, an 8th grader or so, said sarcastically as she entered her classroom, “It’s death”. I said “No, it’s Socialism”. She then replied sarcastically, “Exactly, death”. Then the teacher in our group moved from there to another classroom area. We followed her. The area was abandoned, in kind of bad conditions. There were 4 classrooms in this area with no walls separating them, with no chairs either; only 4 giant blackboards, one in each classroom. 2 Hispanic maintenance professionals dressed in blue uniform were there trying to get the space ready for us, struggling. I asked them, “Do we have electricity for all 4? Do all classrooms work?”. One of them then said to me, “Only 2”. He asked the teacher to pick 2 classrooms to activate, to bring electricity to. She picked the first one and it was the same one I had in mind that she should activate, the classroom I thought they’d use: the far left room. He brought light into that one classroom. We all started to pick our seats in this area across from the classroom space with picnic style tables and individual chairs that classroom. I sat in the far left of the room by 2 girls sitting to my right but they were sitting towards the middle front of the area. Next, I look at my hands and most my fingers have these sprout-looking things coming out of my skin just under my nail area. These long growth things, malleable and thick like thin bean sprouts. I tried ripping them off, I couldn’t. I tried to hide it but it was in the way so I looked for scissors. Eventually, I found scissors and cut it off but I was trying to cut it off from the root. It was a very frustrating feeling. I wanted to get rid of it. I noticed that the people in the dream didn’t have faith in that government because they saw in what conditions they were having to work and study in. The maintenance workers were discouraged. The teacher were discouraged. We, students, were discouraged and I was frustrated with that unwanted growth.

Interpretation: This dream is about a time, a season coming where socialism, led by the far left, will have a platform in society, using education as a tool for indoctrination,  bringing people to a “dumbed down” state and leading society through scarce resources. Society will struggle and people will need to choose a side. Choosing to be on their side (represented by me sitting on the “far left” of the “far left” classroom) brought me a sense of unease, negativity and shame, represented by the growth in my hands that I was desperate to get rid of but couldn’t so I tried to hide them. The number 4 is the number of years a president remains in office in the U.S. as well as in many other countries but the fact only 2 classrooms could receive what they needed to function shows scarcity and weakness in this particular government. This idea is paired up with the morale of the people being low all around. I understood this to be a government-related dream without a doubt. I went to look for further understanding for the meaning of the number 4. In the Bible, it indicates the appointed time for the creation of something. On the 4th day of creation, God brought into existence our solar system’s sun, its moon, and all the stars (Genesis 1:14 – 19). Their purpose was not only to give off light, but also to divide the day from the night on earth, thus becoming a basic demarcation of time. This brings the idea that this government style is appointed to come to life, to take place in a certain time in our not so distant future.

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