Dream: 7 Years

I had two dreams in the early morning of Aug 11. They were not made very clear to me but these were back to back dreams and complemented each other. My notes were fuzzy because I was half asleep when I took them.

The first dream was what seemed to be an African or African-American boy. It was understood in the dream that he represented a country but I don’t know which one. The boy showed up (somewhere) ready to help (someone) but got corrected (by someone). I only heard the words, “Why are you helping America? You’ve done this before.”, meaning as if America has gone through a situation like the one in the dream before (whatever the situation is) and this country has tried to help it before. Then the kid replied, “Because they’re not ready yet to handle it.”

In the second dream, I saw someone representing America signing some document that was making the U.S. weak as a nation to the point the U.S. fell. Then a small country comes in and tries to help but their help only goes so far, and I believe America stayed down permanently.

Then after being awake for some time, I snoozed and simply heard the words “7 years.”.

Vision: Something Significant To Happen in 34 Days (Sep 10)

I was praying for America in the middle of the night today, August 7, 2020. After I went back to bed, while still awake I had a vision of a LinkedIn profile of an unknown person (whose page it was didn’t seem relevant to the dream at all) and all of a sudden, there was a close up on these tiny little words on the page that read, “34 days” in blue. The close up went through the words and the profile flipped like the page of a book, revealing several small charts with graphics I couldn’t identify clearly in the vision, I even squinted to see it better but I wasn’t allowed to know exactly what it is but my first impression of it was that those charts were for analytical purposes, as if monitoring seismic tremors or something else but it was data being analyzed for various events simultaneously. I wondered if it could be something else like a sales analysis chart of some sort but I wasn’t allow to see. All I saw were many of these charts side by side as if they each were monitoring a different activity happening either simultaneously or in short intervals of each other. There were a good 6 or more of them showing.  I didn’t understand them to necessarily be earthquakes but maybe tremors caused by something. I then woke up. I don’t have any more interpretation of this other than knowing that 34 days from today is September 10, 2020.

Dream: Eiffel Tower Explosion

I had this dream on Oct 7, 2019 and am copy/pasting my notes on it.

I believe this dream is regarding the initial times of the anti-Christ government. Right before this dream started, I dreamed that I was on my bed sleeping and that my soul felt uneasy, that it was almost wake up time but I said to myself in the dream that I didn’t want to wake up because I needed to dream. Then I started another dream from there that I was in Paris and I saw explosions starting to happen in the city sky. They were not coming from the ground. They just appeared in the sky like fireworks exploding but massive, thick explosions like of a bomb or a missile. There was a ball of light that fell straight down and exploded on the ground. It shook us a little. I saw one or two weird flying objects in the air, kind of round, maybe made for 1 or 2 people only. Then another big explosion happened in the air. We were in front of a tower just like the Eiffel Tower. It was understood to be a TV tower and it had glass windows all the way down.

Then the inside of the tower started getting exploded with various mini explosions, they were happening on the inside of it. It was happening from the top of the tower down. Most of the tower got destroyed. Then, all of a sudden, an extension to the tower grew out of it upwards as if the top had gotten rebuilt, bigger and better. But there was a problem. This big brother camera was at the very tip of the tower emitting a laser beam. The beam was green. There was also blue and red but green was the color I saw moving around as the eye-looking camera moved to the right and to the left of the city and had very long range. It was understood in the dream that the laser was to kill anyone who didn’t follow the rules of the government. If there was suspicion of you at any given moment of a activity they deemed ilegal, the green laser would point at you as a warning to straighten up your act. If you insist in what you’re doing, the bean then turned blue. If you saw it turning red, they’re about to shoot you. Then the green laser aimed at me. It happened to me a few times even though I was doing nothing criminal, only reading the Bible on my phone app but it was understood that I was acting against their law, it was forbidden to read the Bible and I didn’t know. I saw the green beam pointing at me then turning blue a couple times. There was no way to run away from it or hide from it even though I tried. The beam always follows you, always reaches you.

Then the dream jumped to a group of friends and I sitting outside at a patio restaurant to eat at night, also in Paris. Day time, beautiful blue sky. Out of the blue, the day turns night completely in a matter of seconds. Everybody gets scared at first. Then white clouds start to show up in the dark sky and digitalized snow starts to come down. People get excited and try and go touch it, play with it but I knew right away it was something fake, not real snow. They realize it’s man-made a little bit later but they actually get excited about it, impressed. Then digitalized lightning starts striking in the air. People rave. It doesn’t hit or hurt people. It was like a light show in the sky with technology unknown to man up until that point. All of a sudden, loud electronic music starts playing and the sound seems to be coming from the sky itself, another impressive move. Then this 3D mapping projection which was a mix of fog, fireworks and oil effects started playing on this building’s façade. Everybody started dancing, celebrating, really enjoying the moment, realizing the government is throwing them a surprise street party. I was watching from a distance and my heart got worried for the people being so easily swayed, and said, “They are being manipulated and don’t even know it”.

Interpretation: These explosions in Paris might be literal attacks to it but it represents the fall of what once was known as Paris and the full implementation of a controlling New World Order system. The second dream is not yet clear to me but in the dream I knew both were related to future events during End Times season.

God’s Word for Russia and Germany

These are God’s word for Germany and Russia after a moment of prayer for the world on April 4, 2020.

How sad the thing that will come out from your midst, Germany
Because I hear shouts to Hitler
Louder than shouts to me
Therefore I will hear your voice and will give you what you ask for
Brace yourself.
You are hidden but my throne sees you
I will uncover your shame
Before all men, I will render you naked.

God’s Message to Me: America’s Destruction

I’ve decided to post a prophetic word I received directly from the Lord Jesus during one of my moments of prayer on April 4, 2020. When the Lord finished speaking, I cried profusely for the end America will have to experience.

What happened to you?
I took care of you and you’ve abandoned me
I sent my children to you with welcoming words
But your ears have shut down
And now mine do
I will no longer hear your prayers
Your ostentatious clamors in stadiums
Your shouts and false miracles
I prepared my church
But the doors have closed
Open the doors, oh heavens
Stand up, heavenly portals
So the King of Glory may enter
Who is the King of Glory
The Lord of armies
I will enter in triumph
Against you and all the nations against my daughter, Israel
And I will trample them underfoot
I will judge you in my fury
And none of yours will be left
Thus says the Lord, the Lord of armies
You will no longer be known as the eagle
Oh America
You will no longer be the most beautiful among the nations
You will be a memorial
And in the memory you will remain
Repent, children
Because this day will come soon
Says the Lord of armies.

Dream: Christ Believers Taken Care Of During Upcoming Famine

I had two dreams last night, August 5, 2020. The dreams were back to back, that complement each other. The first one was like a 2D floor plan of an apartment or house. It showed two parts of the house in the dark, as if those two parts were highlighted in dark grey/black to indicate being in the dark, no electricity. One was the kitchen and the other one I can’t remember for the life of me.

Interpretation: My understanding within the dream itself was that there would be a lack of food in the country and there would be a lack of something else but I can’t recall even though I had this dream twice the same night. It could possibly mean lack of electricity but I’m not sure.

The second dream was a Christian singer, rapper and pastor I know standing in front of a super market in the likes of Walmart. There were several Christians right outside of it in the large lobby area of the supermarket in the likes of a Kroger entrance. I was with the group. As the glass doors of the supermarket opened wide, he announced out loud with his arms stretched wide, “Church, it’s all yours. Take it”. The entire supermarket was at our disposal at no charge to us. Everyone calmly got into the market knowing there would be enough for everyone and their families but I had this impulse to run and get to the food right away before someone else did so I’m not left without. Then I catch myself and tell myself not to worry, that God was the one providing this for us, so there would be plenty for all and to share. I shouldn’t think selfishly. So I rested in that and changed my pace. When getting to the frozen food section, I placed a few items in my cart and a little boy comes up behind me, a little clueless about what’s all going on. So I tell him that we’re going to have no food available very soon and offered him an open box of some of my favorite chocolate in my cart. But a store manager comes by and says I can only give 1 item per person. After that, I see a small crowd of people in front of me as I’m reaching for the frozen food again. They’re all saying, “Here! Here! Me! I want one too!” but nobody was fighting or desperate. I distributed the items as if I was responsible for that group and I felt very happy to be doing that. I won’t share the rest of the dream as this last part is personal.

Interpretation: I have the understanding that this dream is both about physical and spiritual food. There will be a countrywide (if not worldwide) lack of food but also a lack of spiritual food, a lack of God in people’s lives because of their life choices and because they refuse to feed themselves with God’s word that brings life and hope. This will affect their livelihood. However, the people who love and follow Jesus will be provided for in abundance especially when their efforts aren’t enough. They will provide not only for themselves but they will also be able to extend the provision to others in need.

Dream: November 6

I simply had a dream on August 2, 2020 with the words “Nov 6”. This dream was followed by another dream regarding not contributing with your efforts in building up partnership with Babylon, which is a symbolism for America in modern times, because its wicked ways will then also enter your heart.

Interpretation: Even though I have no confirmation of this, I had a strong feeling in the dream that the date was in 2020. There is a very significant event happening that day and the ones who have a partnership with Jesus Christ are not to be entangled with the rest of the country in what will take place because it will destroy your soul and will lead you to forfeit your eternity with God.

Update (8/7/2020): I was reading about someone’s prophetic dream last night regarding an economic collapse and the dreamer felt like it was a Friday night and people would run to the banks on Monday trying to recoup whatever was left of their money. When I read that, something clicked. I remembered my Nov 6 dream posted on this blog and looked the date up on the calendar. It’s a Friday. Then I remembered my stock market dream, also posted on this blog. I remembered all the 6’s in my dream.

Dream: Pedophilia in Rich Sweden

I had this dream on the night of 7/29/2020. The scene starts with the face of a Caucasian man appearing to be his 50s kissing a little blond Caucasian boy in the mouth. The boy was probably around 8-11 years old. Both the boy and the man were wearing a suit. They both seemed of rich and important backgrounds. The boy’s hair and suit styles reminded me slightly of a young Baron Trump but it was not him in the dream. The little boy’s hair is impeccable but he had no facial expressions of joy nor sadness. As the man kissed the boy, he didn’t fight nor surrendered to the moment. He was indifferent and immovable but as if he was forced to do it. I remember feeling disgusted by it. After the kiss, the man’s face started moving away from the boy’s while the boy remained in place. I then realized the man was moving because he was on a boat and his boat was moving away from the boy into the sea. The boy was also on a boat but a different one than the man’s.

As the man’s boat moved away, I asked in the dream 3 times, “Lord who is this?”. All I got was the name of the man’s boat. It was called “Swedish”.

I then saw the boy again, now dressed in rags like a homeless child on a metal box for a boat, filled with holes. He was alone in the middle of the sea. His facial expressions were still somewhat indifferent but you could see the harshness of life has taken away his joy. I then look at the man’s boat. It was a yacht. He was now dressed in boater clothes, sitting in the front part of his yacht sitting beside a hot young woman with him. They had a picnic basket, wine and he was laughing, having the time of his life, living it up with no regrets.

Interpretation: I don’t understand what this dream is fully about but I understood this was about a very rich Swedish man committing pedophilia with no regrets and no consequences while the boy he defiled had his entire life and being destroyed. I had a feeling within the dream that this may be a country-wide problem. Maybe this particular man will be revealed in some sort of abuse scandal in the future.

Story: How I got on the show Greenleaf

Early 2019 I received a pretty cool blessing from God that was really unusual. I was hired to work behind the scenes on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show Greenleaf for one day as a stand-in (a substitute actress used during the positioning of cameras and lights to make everything ready to go for the actual actors to film the scene). That one day turned into 6 months. I worked the entire 4th and 5th seasons, substituting all the main actresses on the show at some point but mainly substituting Lynn Whitfield and Desiree Ross. I had to learn their lines, copy their movements and their timing, and got to rehearse with actor Keith David. I learned a lot from that and was surrounded by a truly enjoyable group of people. A month to the end of all filming, one of the executive producers of the show requested me to audition for a small role on the show, something that happens rarely when you do things the honest way in this industry. I auditioned on a Monday and continued to do my regular stand-in work that week. I knew they’d shoot the part that Friday so if I got the role I’d hear from somebody that same week. Well, I didn’t see that executive producer that whole week and didn’t hear from anyone. The day before the shoot, and nothing. I couldn’t believe I failed the opportunity that was right in my hands. I finished my work on set and went to a studio launch party that night. I had already accepted I didn’t get the role.

Out of the blue, I got a call from an unknown number so I ignored it only to get a text from Greenleaf’s casting director saying, “I tried to call you. We want to book you for Greenleaf”. I couldn’t believe it. I found out they’d changed the shoot date and that’s why I hadn’t heard back.

I got the role, what an exciting day! I filmed scene 7 of the 7th shoot day on the 17th of June of 2019 and was given the cutest little Latina daughter, Autumn Azul, who bonded with me so much she accidentally called me mom after we filmed. The episode aired yesterday and I believe it goes to Netflix after the season is over on the OWN channel. This day will be in my memory for as long as I live. 


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Dream: Stock Market Crash

I had this dream in the early morning of July 21, 2020. It was quick and simple. I saw a white chart with a large red arrow pointing down, exactly like this. I understood it to be a stock market indicator. Right by it, it had the numbers 666 as if the market had gone down 666 points, and all over the chart there were various number 6, both in the form of amounts, points and percentages.



Interpretation: It was understood in this dream that the stock market crash we’re experiencing will become much worse, it will hit an all-time low, and that this is part of the agenda of Satan who has the intent to use this collapse as a means to implement the new economic system of the New World Order in the world. Let’s pray that it will not happen now.

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