Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want

We have all heard the most awesome, uplifting chant echoing in the streets, “you can be anything you want as long as you put your mind to it”.

Well, life lied to you.

It’s like my mom always says “listen to God and your parents because you do NOT want to learn from life”. I mean, the idea is pretty amazing and it makes total sense, right? We hear success story upon success story of people who had nothing and now have everything, who dropped college and are now billionaires, and some of these people make even more money now telling you their formula to success.  That’s just it. It’s THEIR formula, not yours.

Part of the reason why we believe the lie is because we always hear the story from the winning side, which, most often than not, are the exception to the rule (this reminds me of this verse in the Bible that says “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong” – 1 Corinthians 1:27). Have you ever been introduced to or have taken the time to listen to the losing side?

Then you say “they just didn’t try hard enough”. Not so fast! I know a boat load of people who tried their entire lives to become what they envisioned themselves to become, did everything right, I mean perfectly right. Gosh, I know tons of talented singers and bands with the right music, the right look, the right marketing, the right team, the right attitude, the right knowledge and are still playing in restaurants.

And what about the people who became everything they dreamed of but are still frustrated? And the people who are completely fulfilled even though they’re not doing what they love at all and know they will never do? What’s up with that?

“Oh but I’m an exception to the rule”, you say. You are? Congrats, prodigy! But even if you are, it still means there are tons of other people who, although they will work as hard or harder than you, they will still never be. The “you can be anything you want” thingy simply has never been a reality for everyone who put their mind into it. There are simply no opportunities for everyone. Can you imagine if everybody thought they were the exception to the rule? The world runs on a supply and demand dynamics (not on Dunkin’, ha!).

Unfortunately, we emphasize passion over discipline. We believe the world will end up adapting to us instead of us adapting to the world. We equate what we do to who we are and believe this is what brings us fulfillment. All in the name of positivity. This is the core of the problem. Too much of everything kills, even positivity.

Always hope for the highest but expect the lowest from the world. The world owes you nothing but God always has what you need. A shot of reality sucks sometimes, I know. But, trust me, it will, one day, bring you the happy ending you always wished to have and would never have any other way.


Published by Mia Rio

Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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