What we wear screams a message, whether we mean to or not, whether we like it or not. Our clothes tell the world what we really think about ourselves. What does your closet say?

  • She’s Elegant – There is something powerful about a woman with class while being genuine to her essence.

🎶 MOOD JAMSmooth Operator – Sade

Glam RadarCredit: Glam Radar
  • She’s Smart – I want my clothes to let you know I got a lot more exciting things to offer than just my body.

🎶 MOOD JAM: Roar – Katy Perry

photo-43Credit: Art Becomes You
  • She’s Sassy – Colors, colors, colors! Feel my happiness, feel alive with me!

🎶 MOOD JAM: Confident – Demi Lovato

adrienne-bailon-FASHION-SHOWCredit: Raised By Culture
  • She’s Spunky – I am fun but also full of determination. In my heels or not, I will get it done. Don’t believe me, just watch!

🎶 MOOD JAM: Respect – Aretha Franklin

KOKO TVCredits: Koko Life
  • She’s Peaceful – I want you to feel my inner peace. Comfy clothes feel like I’m being hugged.

🎶 MOOD JAM: Try – Colbie Caillat

56324b64d73681dca58afaa5c5b73cb3Credit: Pinterest
  • She’s Sweet –  Balance is essential in life. A lioness can bite and hurt if she can’t be tamed.

🎶 MOOD JAM: Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding

Pinterest 2                           Credit: Pinterest
  • She’s Free –  I want people to experience my freedom. My clothes can’t limit me, nothing stops me.

🎶 MOOD JAM: Dynamite Love – Mia Rio


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Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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