Sweat, Tears & Injuries Literally Describe The Making Of Dynamite Love’s Music Video

Every fan of every artist loves to visually enjoy the end result of their music videos but nobody really knows – and some don’t really care to – how much work really goes into making one.

First of all, it took me a year just to be able to make a video for the song. And before that, weeks just to come up with the idea and narrow it down to what elements would make the most sense, be the coolest and still fit the budget.

I had no idea my music video, super simple and easy to make in my head, would cost me an arm and a leg and a whole body! There go my dreams and hopes down the drain. I’m not gonna lie, discouragement hit me pretty hard but I am blessed to have some pretty awesome people in my life to keep pushing me forward when I don’t have the strength anymore.

After getting a ton of quotes and feeling like I should maybe just quit music altogether, my miracle happens. Enters Eric Vorhies with Twisted Hair Storytelling.

Eric made me an incredible deal. He believed in my music and in me, and thought it was worth it to be a bit sacrificial for my sake. Yes, he got benefits from it too, but what he did for me is extremely rare. Tears run down my face as I speak.

We both went pretty hands-on into this project and gathered our efforts in making sure all our resources would make for the best video we could possibly make. Improvisation was the name of the game. Also, physical pain.

15 hours in soul-burning heels was nothing! After getting my wrists slit – not intentionally – from the puppeteer cords, I was asked the next day if I tried to commit suicide lol (not funny though). During the fall scene,  I hurt my neck and also got my heels stuck in the ladder, and I literally hit the floor. Got a concussion there but all good, I was still alive and determined to finish what we’d started. Luckily, the fire scene that almost got me burned in the face was the last scene we shot.

After long hours of editing and a replaced motherboard on Eric’s computer that resulted in 5 months of wait – just thankful he backed up the files – and after a sorry soul ordered over 1,000 dislikes on all my music videos forcing me to take it down and re-upload, Dynamite Love is alive and well. And I’m so freaking proud of our work I’m sweating!

Thank you Eric, Robbie, John and May. Our accomplishment will be unforgettable.


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Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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