I almost died in the womb. Yeah, I hate abortion.


If you’re looking for a scientific article on this commentary about the new NY abortion law, you won’t find it here but it won’t be purely emotional either. I’ll throw in some facts along the way to satisfy some of you because apparently, the world can only believe things it sees with physical eyes and that are proven by Science, which is funny because Science errs often, so I guess we have “blind” faith in Science – pun intended. But the jab isn’t at Science so let’s move on.

Do you know why I so fiercely side against abortion? I mean, other than reasons that I particularly find very illogic such as the fact we care so much plastic consumption or about the cruel treatment of an animal but a mother killing her child is a human right? Or that we consider a small organism in Mars “life” but a baby in the womb is just “tissue”? Or the fact that Planned Parenthood crushes the heads of the babies but keeps their organs so they can sell them as stated by Senator James Lankford in 2015 (video below)? Or the fact that several doctors laugh at the babies when killing them treating babies and mothers as cheap commodity because – news flash – they have no regard to other lives themselves? Or how politicians make it a horrific thing to own guns but make it totally OK to kill an unborn child? Or explaining to the family of a pregnant woman whose baby and her were victims of murder that the murderer will only be charged for the mother’s death because the child she carried in her womb wasn’t a person! Or maybe the fact that there is no medical necessity to kill a baby in its third trimester as stated by Board Certified OB/GYN Dr. Omar L. Hamada below and many others?


Ah, you thought I meant those reasons. If only those were the only reasons that make me cringe and hate abortion to the core! Let’s face it, abortion is not a solution, it’s an escape. Yes, it normally is performed in light of deeply tragic adversities by a mother, in her “no light at the end of the tunnel” desperation but at the end of the day, she does it for her own good even when she tells herself she’s doing for the baby. That brings nothing but more pain to the mother. Like Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins stated,

“We’re saying here in New York, women’s lives matter. We’re saying here in New York, women’s decisions matter”. Yeah, not the baby’s, the women’s, got it! But hey, my body, my rules, right? Except that it’s not your body you’re killing, it’s someone else’s who never had a chance to have opinion about their own life.

You’re being insensitive towards the mother, Mia. It’s not about lack of compassion, it’s about encouraging mothers to know they ARE strong, they’re stronger than making fear their lord because when God allows tragedy, He also always provides a healthy escape, that doesn’t end in inner destruction, you just need to take it. OK, so… let me tell you about my mother’s desperation when pregnant with me When I was in my mother’s womb, my heart got very weak and eventually it stopped working. It’d constantly stop both before and during labor. My mother was also starting to go under during surgery due to pre-eclampsia she developed at around 20 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor had tough news to give my parents, that she most likely wouldn’t be able to save both my mother and I.

However, my beautiful and brave mother went through with labor anyway, with a “it’s in God’s hands” mindset, despite the possibility of both her and I dying. At 10:30pm on a November the 13th (NOT a Friday the 13th but I was born the same day 23,000 people got killed by a volcano eruption) there we were, both mother and daughter alive in the world. I also have a family member who, unfortunately, offered to pay his girlfriend at the time to abort their child. Thankfully, the mother said no, the child was born and I am extremely happy to have such an outstanding kid as part of our family today.  I’m very happy his mother fought for him and I’ll be forever grateful that my mother was willing to give her life to fight for mine.

I wholeheartedly believe absolutely nothing justifies abortion. I didn’t always think like that but I do now. It’s simply not up to us to control the destiny of a life that doesn’t have a voice as to whether or not they would like to live. We fight for democracy to defend our rights but where is the application of democracy when it’s us who need to apply it towards others? These babies didn’t get to vote but you got to live, didn’t you? You didn’t choose it but if you got to, would you elect to not be born? Exactly, you don’t know so please don’t decide for them. Aren’t you happy to be alive even with all your problems? If you weren’t you would’ve killed yourself by now. So why are we determining the death of someone who can’t have an opinion about their own life and might very well be happy to be alive even with all their problems?

Funny thing is that every single person who has come against my view on this matter so far – both directly debating with me or in videos I watch on the internet – has utterly failed to give me one scientific, concise, cohesive or even logical reason as to why their belief is justifiable. They also have all been unable to successfully refute arguments or provide answers to questions without them being based on personal opinion, jaded emotions and an underlying sense of self-centeredness (the “I do what I want” mentality, which I find extremely immature and selfish). Interestingly enough, almost all these people who have stood against my view on this topic have never even met somebody who’s gone through an abortion, never had a real conversation with one but believe they are standing for social justice. How can that grant anyone credibility? But if you believe facts and numbers don’t lie, there’s plenty of those on the internet. Please go look it up. If you believe feelings should be taken into consideration, please go watch the thousands of women speaking up online about what abortion did to them, irreparable damage. They’ve exchanged an unsure future of pain for a sure future of pain. I urge you to get educated before standing up for something like this.

So many women are in agony today because they’d love to have babies to love on them and care for, even with very little to offer but can’t have them, and on the other side I see mothers throw their babies away because they allowed themselves to believe it’s too hard to do life with them. What a tragic lie to believe in. The harsh truth that no one tells you is that you won’t find peace of mind even if disposing of your baby, I’m very sorry to say. In fact you’ll have even more sorrows, many times irreparable physical, emotional, spiritual and/or psychological damage. It won’t make it easier or better, it will be harder and then you’ll either live miserably inside or pretend you don’t. I’ve seen so many people with death sentences living in the end, myself included, so who are we to be judges of life and death?

Lastly, let’s also consider that at least one of the 45 million aborted babies since the 70’s (depopulation theory heaven for conspiracy theorists) or the 638,169 children who have been legally aborted in 2015 alone according to the CDC could potentially have been an individual that this world needed on a major scale. Maybe someone incredible in Science, Politics, Education, Philosophy, Religion. We’ll never know because we’ve killed them.

We were born to be strong, we were beautifully designed to have children and not kill them and you were certainly not designed to live in misery, so let’s choose to fight and overcome for both lives, we are capable! “Love your neighbor as yourself”. It’s not loving you over the other. It’s loving both equally.

There is hope and help for you. Don’t be afraid to talk. Somebody WILL understand you and guide you in the right direction. Get the help you need.

Text HELPLINE to 313131.

Here’s a list of centers specialized in helping women all over the world who are considering an abortion or have had one and are dealing with the pain that follows.

World Directory of Pregnancy Centers

U.S./Canada – https://optionline.org/center-locator/

After Abortion Support – https://optionline.org/after-abortion-support/ 


Senator James Lankford explaining how Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby organs for research. How can they not be humans if their organs have human value?


Learn how you can possibly reverse your abortion if you’ve taken an abortion pill. This is not a proven method although you can see below it’s had success stories. There’s hope!


Hear an abortion surviver share her story and gratitude for being alive.

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