Dream: Blue Ink Drawings Coming out the Paper

This dream is from March 26, 2016. In this dream, I saw a notebook with a male hand drawing faces of adults on it. Each with their genders were drawn with blue ink, contour only. They were drawn on sheets of paper by the hand of the artist. Each person drawn had a different personality.Continue reading “Dream: Blue Ink Drawings Coming out the Paper”

Dream: Churches Charging Admission Fee

This is a two-part dream on June 24, 2018. In the first part of the dream I was living in a high rise apartment building and the residents got a nice pamphlet from one of my neighbors downstairs saying they are moving out soon, and just out of love, they were inviting all neighbors toContinue reading “Dream: Churches Charging Admission Fee”

Dream: Chip Implant Under Skin

This dream happened sometime in 2016 but I didn’t write down the exact date. It was a futuristic time in our world where the environment was very clean, streets were calm, the world was technologically modern, very green trees and bright white, pearly-looking everything. People quietly walked down the perfect looking streets. But one thingContinue reading “Dream: Chip Implant Under Skin”