Dream: Blue Ink Drawings Coming out the Paper

This dream is from March 26, 2016. In this dream, I saw a notebook with a male hand drawing faces of adults on it. Each with their genders were drawn with blue ink, contour only. They were drawn on sheets of paper by the hand of the artist. Each person drawn had a different personality. The drawings actually moved around on the paper, as if they were alive. They made facial expressions, moved their head and expressed themselves in a way that I knew they were getting ready to jump out of the sheet of paper and come to life in the real world. Then the artist (I could only see a hand the entire time) chose the face of the woman in the middle of the notebook and added color to her mouth like a lipstick. He had already added color to some of her face before. The moment he painted the lipstick, her face popped out of the paper with sparks and she had a big smile, with all this excitement for being brought to life. The scene then slowed down so I can really capture the moment. Her face was already alive on the paper, it was moving and conscious. However, the faces weren’t truly considered alive until they received the colors, that extra touch. I also remember the face of a young Black man with headphones on, moving his head around, kinda warming up to pumped up music because he knew his time was coming to become a living being out of the paper. Pretty cool dream!

Interpretation: This one was made clear to me right away. The hand was God’s hands. The drawings were us, humans, His creation, and the act of drawing is His design for each of our existence, what He plans for us to become in this Earth. The colors being added are every aspect of our being that needs to be ready, matured, completed by God before we get to become everything we were designed to become. Once we allow God to mature us completely, we are ready to become that, to live with purpose, and that brings joy, happiness, peace and it’s an exciting moment. We are a work of art and the finished product is beautiful if we let the Artist paint us until the end.

Published by Mia Rio

Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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