Dream: Chip Implant Under Skin

This dream happened sometime in 2016 but I didn’t write down the exact date.

It was a futuristic time in our world where the environment was very clean, streets were calm, the world was technologically modern, very green trees and bright white, pearly-looking everything. People quietly walked down the perfect looking streets. But one thing that I noticed was that people had no life. No smiles, no facial expressions, no talking to each other, all dead inside, just going through the motions. Perfect on the outside, lifeless on the inside.

I entered a high rise building to visit a friend and there was a small market inside the building, mainly for the residents but also accessible to anyone entering the building. It was a small market, bright white inside; it was one big square with shelves along the walls only and a register in the middle of it. It had very little variety and quantity of items and a female cashier at the register. No other staff. She, like everyone else I had seen out in the street, was lifeless. I took a couple small items, checked out without her even looking at me, and I took the elevator up to my friend’s apartment floor.

While walking down the hallway trying to find her apartment, a few lifeless people walked down the hall and as they walked, a couple monitors hanging from the ceiling showed a slew of personal information on them. Their full names, blood type, apartment number, height, weight, educational level and other information that I thought should be nobody’s business. But it was public information and nobody seemed to care that their info was out to the world like this. Whenever someone walked passed the monitors, they would show that person’s full information. I was a little disturbed at that but also amazed at how that could work. The property manager then saw me looking attentively at the monitors and said, “Do you like our new technology?”. I didn’t want to tell him what I actually thought of it so I asked, “How does it work?”. He then pointed at his right hand wrist and said, “This”. I understood it to be a chip implanted under his skin, in his wrist area (the same side as the palm of his hand). He briefly explained the technology but I don’t remember it. I then said, “Is it mandatory?”.  He said, “For now, it’s optional. But after January 20th, it will be mandatory”.

Interpretation: This dream feels self-explanatory for the most part. My impressions were that this will be a time where we’ll have advanced vastly in technology but humans will have no happiness within, they’ll just “exist” and part of that is because humanity will have given up their privacy for safety and security by allowing their bodies to be implanted with a chip that carries all their relevant information. The tough part to understand was the date January 20th. When I told my dad the dream, he pointed out that January 20 is, historically, the date of presidential inaugurations in the U.S. This was right before Trump became president but I didn’t necessarily think that Trump himself would introduce this technology and make it mandatory. I understood that the next change of presidency would usher in whatever chain of events would end up leading us to this “implant fest”.


Published by Mia Rio

Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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