Dream: Churches Charging Admission Fee

This is a two-part dream on June 24, 2018. In the first part of the dream I was living in a high rise apartment building and the residents got a nice pamphlet from one of my neighbors downstairs saying they are moving out soon, and just out of love, they were inviting all neighbors to come by their apartment and get some free candy. I thought it was very sweet and selfless of them so I went downstairs to get the candy. I noticed their apartment door was open and the family was all in the living room having a Bible study. I was excited to know they were followers of Jesus. One other neighbor and a maintenance person were also passing by and thought they were in a book club but I specified to them that it was a Bible study.
In the second part of the dream, a friend from church and I went to visit a church in a regular modern-day church building. We got there early and it was a small church. There were some people already there. They seemed very nice but the body language of some of the members indicated to me that they’re a bit too overly spiritual and blindly followed their leaders.
I then noticed they were setting up something at a table by the entrance in the lobby and people were starting to line up before going inside the sanctuary. That sparked my curiosity but I had a feeling something negative was about to happen. My friend had already gotten inside the sanctuary before they started setting up. I get in line to see what’s all about. When it was my turn, all of a sudden, I heard the woman sitting at the table say to me “your total is $15”. I couldn’t believe we were being charged to get inside church! I told her I was a visitor. Then she had the audacity to say, “oh so your total is $18.05 after tax”. I was shocked. I was outraged but didn’t show it. I asked one of their staff members why they charged to get into a church service. She gave me some lame excuse to avoid the real answer so I confronted her and said, “that’s all great but you still didn’t answer my question”. She then realized she would have to be honest and simply said, “I don’t know”, admitting that she just does what she is told. I then pulled one of their male staff aside and asked him why they charged for church. He also said he didn’t know, it was the new policy and that he didn’t quite like doing it. So I got up and told him I wouldn’t be staying so I left.
Interpretation: This was a comparison between the true Church and the false Christian Church. The first one had no elaborate infrastructure, simply gathered as a family to learn together and offer love to everyone outside its 4 walls without judgment. The false Christian church, which currently is already led by its leaders a business leaders in the U.S., will step up their manipulation game and shamelessly take advantage of their followers and visitors, the ones who don’t think for themselves. Like sheep, being led to the slaughter. I wouldn’t be surprised to see churches charging admission fees for their regular services.

Published by Mia Rio

Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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