Dream: Doom Coming to Ukraine

This dream was on August 3, 2019. I dreamed that I went to the Ukraine for some conference. I got there at night and I was in a modern-day metropolitan city with many high rise buildings and city lights. From my hotel window (or apartment, not sure) I saw a river running through the middle of the city with glowing silver coins in the bottom of it and a glowing peacock (firebird) flying over it. It was coming towards downtown from the west side of town. I was sure I was truly seeing a giant bird in the air but I understood it right away to be the mythological creature Phoenix and understood it in the dream to be a demonic creature coming to bring some sort of doom to the Ukraine and not the positive idea of a Phoenix we’re told in Mythology. I also understood in the dream itself that this bird was appearing to the naked eye, coming to dominate the country. I just didn’t want to believe a demon was literally flying over the city right before my own eyes, so openly in the night skies. The silver coins in the water stood out to me, very shiny, large but in the bottom of the river and there was an understanding in the dream that a disease related to the silver coins had taken place. There wasn’t too many of them in the river but enough to pay attention to. From there, the dream skipped to me going inside a mall in this same Ukrainian city and a very technologically advanced church play was going on in the middle of the mall, where they had all sorts of beautiful and advanced special effects in a Broadway-style play. The stage was decorated like a jungle and the play showed 2 demonic monsters (which seemed to be hologram-style) coming after people and trying to capture them and enslave them or at least hurt them and even kill them. They worked in tandem. People ran to save their lives. The people were dressed like indigenous people or more accurately, like in primitive times, almost like cave men. It seemed like they lived in pre-historical times. One of the demons was a big, tall, giant monster similar to a Transformer shape-wise but made out of flesh instead of metal. The other one was the same Phoenix bird I had seen flying. She was flying in front of the other demonic creature in the play. One of the actors kneeled as he fell, pleading them for mercy and his face was of desperation. The play ended right there and a Christian message urging people to repent from their sins to be saved from doom was then given in English over a loud speaker followed by a worship song. After this, the play was officially over, people started to dissipate and I bumped into one of my best childhood friends. I asked her what this “coin disease” was all about. She said,  “It’s something that started with some TV show but it’s a real issue now”. I then asked her about the Phoenix. She was baffled I didn’t know about it. She said ” Have you never heard of the Titans?” She said the Phoenix flies over there often but hasn’t hurt anybody yet. But she knew it wasn’t there for anything good. I thought to myself in the dream, “They are so advanced in times! They even have physical demons among them. How come we don’t know about this kind of thing yet in the U.S.?”. I then woke up from the dream.

Interpretation: This is definitely a symbolism-heavy dream and I only have partial interpretation of it. This dream indicates times of doom arriving in Ukraine, something from the past that will come back to life and bring problems to the people. This is a danger that has already been lurking around for some time but people have not yet seen its negative results so they haven’t paid attention to it, and won’t see it until it’s too late. They’ll experience a problem (that seems to be a disease) that will come from a tv show. This evil will be “activated” especially because the powers of Ukraine have been inviting evil forces from ages past into the nation by celebrating them in modern times. I don’t know what the second monster in the play represents but it is indicated to be a titan in my dream which makes sense because he was giant and I’ve learned titans were “immortal giants”. I am unsure as to what the silver coins in the river that apparently caused the disease symbolize.
I did quite a bit of research on this dream after the fact. I first Googled “Ukraine silver cons”. The first thing that showed up was an article about a series of silver coins called “Fauna and Flora” that the National Bank of Ukraine launched. From 2016-2018 the coins were meant to celebrate Ukraine‘s civilization history since prehistoric times. Here they are: https://agaunews.com/portfolio-items/fauna-in-cultural-monuments-of-ukraine/.
As you can see, the very first coin on the page is a peacock, which is a representation of the Phoenix (reference here: https://academyofancientreflexology.com/resources/peacocks/history-and-myth/ ).
I randomly found a video while researching Ukraine after the dream. It’s about a local speaking on Youtube and he is speaking on camera at a park in the capital Kiev, when he walks and starts speaking right in front of this monument called The Holodomor Memorial, which has statues of Phoenix birds all over it. See it for yourself (minute 16:38): https://youtu.be/5Sm7VOV1Kig . This is the monument in the video:
I went and told my dream to my best friend, who I still keep in touch with. She said she has never been to Ukraine and that the closest she’s ever been to it was by binge watching the TV show Chernobyl which is interesting because she had said to me in the dream, “the coin disease issue started with a TV show but now it’s a real issue”.

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