Dream: Italy, Wuhan and Fear

I had this dream on March 21, 2020. I had just arrived at a public American Christian concert with various bands and artists. I was walking from the parking lot into the concert arena. I could only see the stage from afar but I could see a massive choir of Caucasian people singing a traditional church choir song on stage, on a balcony built on the second floor of the stage. It’s like the stage had two floors, main floor and gallery. On the gallery area, it was written “Italy”in big letters even though the choir seemed American.
I looked at the parking lot and I saw a bunch of young people getting ready to go inside the gathering with their backpacks and tailgating items but two of the boys were asleep in the middle of the lot, on the floor. Their friends tried to wake them up nicely, even caressing their hair gently. They wouldn’t wake up at all. One of the guys asleep was Black, the other one was White with hair died orange blonde. Then one of their friends, trying to be funny, suddenly knelt by them on their left side and yelled “panic is here”. The two boys immediately jumped but the Black boy woke up so scared, poor thing. Then the moment of them waking up repeated itself in slow motion with a close up on the Black boy’s face and in the dream it was understood that he was scared like that because his friend literally called out on the spirit of panic to come among them by yelling what he yelled and so panic did show up and took over the boys who were asleep.
I woke up but fell asleep again right away. I then dreamed with the city of Wuhan. It was this street with a large round-about and a giant abstract sculpture in the middle of it, and a mix of high and low rise buildings. I had an aerial view of it. I heard a voice that I didn’t know where it was coming from. Something was said about the city, like an announcement, a proclamation over the city about something. I don’t recall it but then I looked to its left, like in a panorama movement of a camera, and the sky on that side of the city became completely dark, dark grey with very dark clouds. Not just gloomy from rain that’s about to pour down, but in the dream, I understood it to be spiritual darkness covering that whole side of the city.
Interpretation: The first dream indicates that the White and Black communities in the U.S. are not “woke” and instead of turning to God for refuge, to which access is right in front of them, like Italians have chosen to do, Black and White Americans are missing out on finding peace because they are “asleep”, allowing the panic of this pandemic to take over them, but especially the Black community (maybe because it was said the virus is more fertile against African-Americans?). The fear that the African-American boy felt in the dream might also be in relation to not only Covid but other issues arising after that that affect the community such as the police brutality and racism protests we’re seeing now in June. The darkness coming from the left side of Wuhan’s skies seems to indicate something evil was, is or will be soon devised in relation to Covid in China. It’s not over yet.

Published by Mia Rio

Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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