Story: How I got on the show Greenleaf

Early 2019 I received a pretty cool blessing from God that was really unusual. I was hired to work behind the scenes on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show Greenleaf for one day as a stand-in (a substitute actress used during the positioning of cameras and lights to make everything ready to go for the actual actorsContinue reading “Story: How I got on the show Greenleaf”

Dream: Freedoms Removed from Americans in 2020

After a day of deep prayer for our nation, asking God to protect it, I went to sleep and had a flash dream. It was nothing but two words written in white on a grey background. The words were: “LIMITATIONS” and “RESTRICTIONS”. I knew this meant that some of our freedoms will be removed startingContinue reading “Dream: Freedoms Removed from Americans in 2020”