Dream: Collapse of the U.S. Dollar

Other than my 5/11/2020 U.S. economic crash dream posted here back on 6/4/2020, I’ve found in my notes my interpretation of a dream that my boyfriend had back when we met in 2016. My note states:

“He assumes he was in a ship. He was showing 2 coins to someone. One was a coin with the face of an animal. When he said that, I automatically thought to myself, “buffalo”. Then, he said out loud, “it was a buffalo or a rhino”. I automatically understood that it represents America but no idea why. The other coin had a triangle drawn in it and lights coming out of the 3 edges of the triangle. He was impressed with it because of the light coming from the inside of it. But then the buffalo coin was seen by him on the floor although he didn’t drop it. I interpreted this dream as a new currency replacing the American Dollar. This dream is not only about a coin replacement. It’s about the replacement of an entire economic system and how transactions are made, in which the dollar is no longer the standard currency used, and the implementation of the New World Order economic system.”


Thoughts: Replacing the currency and the way people make monetary transactions based on a geographic redefinition of the world regions is the goal behind what we now see being called “The Great Reset” by the Economic World Forum. That is the meat of the proposition of the New World Order. In order to create a new economic system, you must first permanently collapse the current one, and that is done by stimulating heavy socio-economic, political and military turmoil and instability during key times in key countries of the world, making millions of people suffer in the process for the benefit of the same elite as always, unfortunately. This is why you see economically important countries falling more recently and insistent attempts of socialist and communist regimes to penetrate others (and ultimately destroy these countries – that’s the goal – after a rapid initial apparent growth to gain the trust of the people). Their goal is to create a new currency standard, which some experts believe will be a digital currency. Others believe the world’s economy will go back to the gold standard instead of a fiat currency. I particularly believe we’ll go back to the gold standard temporarily and then relinquish that standard to whatever New World Order currency is created, which will most likely be a cryptocurrency, culminating in all monetary transactions being done via body-implanted chips based on the combination of the pioneering Microsoft-patented cryptocurrency mining system and more advanced internet technologies such as 5G and beyond. There is a reason Bill Gates is so involved with vaccines and Covid-19. Microsoft, along with Facebook, who have already been working together for some time, seems to be intimately connected with the creation of a new global health system (see Bill Gates pitch on this idea generically back in 2015), using its technology to create a worldwide system and database containing your medical information (that could include your DNA since that could easily be collected from our covid-19 tests based on the way they test us for it). Thanks to nanotechnology, this health information would eventually be placed on a personal chip implanted in your right hand/arm or forehead (like you see on the show Black Mirror) under the guise of “safety” and a more convenient life. The chip, when connected to a supercomputer, is able to update your information in real time from anywhere in the world, and based on Microsoft’s cryptocurrency mining system, you’ll be able to pay for your medical bill – and eventually buy and sell everything else in the world – with a hand swipe. We’re already being conditioned to it through forehead and hand temperature scan checks. In order for this to happen, your body would need to receive nanoparticles that make it the right environment for receiving and emitting frequencies readable by sensors, which some claim the upcoming covid-19 vaccine will do. But the kicker is that, through nano-technology, advanced internet and the 40,000+ satellites Elon Musk got permission to install in our orbit, these chips can (and will) track you anywhere in the world. They also allow for a supercomputer to have control over your nervous system (look up HAARP microwave antennas). It’s the ultimate “selling your soul to the devil”: your body literally handed to governments and companies for full control over it. Watch H+ on Youtube from over 7 years ago. This was one of Youtube’s first original shows and it already introduced this concept to us.

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Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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