Story: How I got on the show Greenleaf

Early 2019 I received a pretty cool blessing from God that was really unusual. I was hired to work behind the scenes on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show Greenleaf for one day as a stand-in (a substitute actress used during the positioning of cameras and lights to make everything ready to go for the actual actors to film the scene). That one day turned into 6 months. I worked the entire 4th and 5th seasons, substituting all the main actresses on the show at some point but mainly substituting Lynn Whitfield and Desiree Ross. I had to learn their lines, copy their movements and their timing, and got to rehearse with actor Keith David. I learned a lot from that and was surrounded by a truly enjoyable group of people. A month to the end of all filming, one of the executive producers of the show requested me to audition for a small role on the show, something that happens rarely when you do things the honest way in this industry. I auditioned on a Monday and continued to do my regular stand-in work that week. I knew they’d shoot the part that Friday so if I got the role I’d hear from somebody that same week. Well, I didn’t see that executive producer that whole week and didn’t hear from anyone. The day before the shoot, and nothing. I couldn’t believe I failed the opportunity that was right in my hands. I finished my work on set and went to a studio launch party that night. I had already accepted I didn’t get the role.

Out of the blue, I got a call from an unknown number so I ignored it only to get a text from Greenleaf’s casting director saying, “I tried to call you. We want to book you for Greenleaf”. I couldn’t believe it. I found out they’d changed the shoot date and that’s why I hadn’t heard back.

I got the role, what an exciting day! I filmed scene 7 of the 7th shoot day on the 17th of June of 2019 and was given the cutest little Latina daughter, Autumn Azul, who bonded with me so much she accidentally called me mom after we filmed. The episode aired yesterday and I believe it goes to Netflix after the season is over on the OWN channel. This day will be in my memory for as long as I live. 


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Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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