Dream: Pedophilia in Rich Sweden

I had this dream on the night of 7/29/2020. The scene starts with the face of a Caucasian man appearing to be his 50s kissing a little blond Caucasian boy in the mouth. The boy was probably around 8-11 years old. Both the boy and the man were wearing a suit. They both seemed of rich and important backgrounds. The boy’s hair and suit styles reminded me slightly of a young Baron Trump but it was not him in the dream. The little boy’s hair is impeccable but he had no facial expressions of joy nor sadness. As the man kissed the boy, he didn’t fight nor surrendered to the moment. He was indifferent and immovable but as if he was forced to do it. I remember feeling disgusted by it. After the kiss, the man’s face started moving away from the boy’s while the boy remained in place. I then realized the man was moving because he was on a boat and his boat was moving away from the boy into the sea. The boy was also on a boat but a different one than the man’s.

As the man’s boat moved away, I asked in the dream 3 times, “Lord who is this?”. All I got was the name of the man’s boat. It was called “Swedish”.

I then saw the boy again, now dressed in rags like a homeless child on a metal box for a boat, filled with holes. He was alone in the middle of the sea. His facial expressions were still somewhat indifferent but you could see the harshness of life has taken away his joy. I then look at the man’s boat. It was a yacht. He was now dressed in boater clothes, sitting in the front part of his yacht sitting beside a hot young woman with him. They had a picnic basket, wine and he was laughing, having the time of his life, living it up with no regrets.

Interpretation: I don’t understand what this dream is fully about but I understood this was about a very rich Swedish man committing pedophilia with no regrets and no consequences while the boy he defiled had his entire life and being destroyed. I had a feeling within the dream that this may be a country-wide problem. Maybe this particular man will be revealed in some sort of abuse scandal in the future.

Published by Mia Rio

Mia Rio is a singer, songwriter & actress.

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