Vision: Something Significant To Happen in 34 Days (Sep 10)

I was praying for America in the middle of the night today, August 7, 2020. After I went back to bed, while still awake I had a vision of a LinkedIn profile of an unknown person (whose page it was didn’t seem relevant to the dream at all) and all of a sudden, there wasContinue reading “Vision: Something Significant To Happen in 34 Days (Sep 10)”

Dream: Eiffel Tower Explosion

I had this dream on Oct 7, 2019 and am copy/pasting my notes on it. I believe this dream is regarding the initial times of the anti-Christ government. Right before this dream started, I dreamed that I was on my bed sleeping and that my soul felt uneasy, that it was almost wake up timeContinue reading “Dream: Eiffel Tower Explosion”

God’s Word for Russia and Germany

These are God’s word for Germany and Russia after a moment of prayer for the world on April 4, 2020. Germany How sad the thing that will come out from your midst, Germany Because I hear shouts to Hitler Louder than shouts to me Therefore I will hear your voice and will give you whatContinue reading “God’s Word for Russia and Germany”

God’s Message to Me: America’s Destruction

I’ve decided to post a prophetic word I received directly from the Lord Jesus during one of my moments of prayer on April 4, 2020. When the Lord finished speaking, I cried profusely for the end America will have to experience. America What happened to you? I took care of you and you’ve abandoned meContinue reading “God’s Message to Me: America’s Destruction”

Dream: Christ Believers Taken Care Of During Upcoming Famine

I had two dreams last night, August 5, 2020. The dreams were back to back, that complement each other. The first one was like a 2D floor plan of an apartment or house. It showed two parts of the house in the dark, as if those two parts were highlighted in dark grey/black to indicateContinue reading “Dream: Christ Believers Taken Care Of During Upcoming Famine”

Story: How I got on the show Greenleaf

Early 2019 I received a pretty cool blessing from God that was really unusual. I was hired to work behind the scenes on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show Greenleaf for one day as a stand-in (a substitute actress used during the positioning of cameras and lights to make everything ready to go for the actual actorsContinue reading “Story: How I got on the show Greenleaf”