Vision: Something Significant To Happen in 34 Days (Sep 10)

I was praying for America in the middle of the night today, August 7, 2020. After I went back to bed, while still awake I had a vision of a LinkedIn profile of an unknown person (whose page it was didn’t seem relevant to the dream at all) and all of a sudden, there wasContinue reading “Vision: Something Significant To Happen in 34 Days (Sep 10)”

Dream: Eiffel Tower Explosion

I had this dream on Oct 7, 2019 and am copy/pasting my notes on it. I believe this dream is regarding the initial times of the anti-Christ government. Right before this dream started, I dreamed that I was on my bed sleeping and that my soul felt uneasy, that it was almost wake up timeContinue reading “Dream: Eiffel Tower Explosion”

God’s Word for Russia and Germany

These are God’s word for Germany and Russia after a moment of prayer for the world on April 4, 2020. Germany How sad the thing that will come out from your midst, Germany Because I hear shouts to Hitler Louder than shouts to me Therefore I will hear your voice and will give you whatContinue reading “God’s Word for Russia and Germany”

God’s Message to Me: America’s Destruction

I’ve decided to post a prophetic word I received directly from the Lord Jesus during one of my moments of prayer on April 4, 2020. When the Lord finished speaking, I cried profusely for the end America will have to experience. America What happened to you? I took care of you and you’ve abandoned meContinue reading “God’s Message to Me: America’s Destruction”

Dream: Blue Ink Drawings Coming out the Paper

This dream is from March 26, 2016. In this dream, I saw a notebook with a male hand drawing faces of adults on it. Each with their genders were drawn with blue ink, contour only. They were drawn on sheets of paper by the hand of the artist. Each person drawn had a different personality.Continue reading “Dream: Blue Ink Drawings Coming out the Paper”

Dream: Churches Charging Admission Fee

This is a two-part dream on June 24, 2018. In the first part of the dream I was living in a high rise apartment building and the residents got a nice pamphlet from one of my neighbors downstairs saying they are moving out soon, and just out of love, they were inviting all neighbors toContinue reading “Dream: Churches Charging Admission Fee”

Vision: Middle Eastern Leaders Kiss

This was not a dream but a morning vision written down as soon as I saw it at 8:52am EST on 3/31/2020. A middle eastern man with presidential attire was on a stage. I understood him to be a prime minister or the president of a modern Middle Eastern country. He had salt and pepperContinue reading “Vision: Middle Eastern Leaders Kiss”

My First T-Shirt Line!

I really wanted to come up with a project that was fun and tied in with what I’m all about. Well, after some brainstorming and strokes in Photoshop, I launched {PURE}! I’m super excited to create a line of t-shirts I design myself, with messages I believe in and that I am proud of wearing. ThisContinue reading “My First T-Shirt Line!”

Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want

We have all heard the most awesome, uplifting chant echoing in the streets, “you can be anything you want as long as you put your mind to it”. Well, life lied to you. It’s like my mom always says “listen to God and your parents because you do NOT want to learn from life”. I mean, the idea is prettyContinue reading “Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want”