Dream: UK and Global Death

This dream was on 4/11/2020. I had a dream that I was in London, in someone’s house visiting or maybe staying the night, not sure. The man who owned the house I was in was in one side of the room, by the door. I was on the opposite side of the room. I then see this flying cockroach on his side of the wall, the big one kind but nothing abnormal in size. I can’t stand flying roaches but I calmly looked at it, keeping my distance. I asked the owner of the place if that was a roach. Then I asked what type of cockroach that was, it seemed like a flying one. I then had a close up of the roach’s profile in my dream and it looked like a dark brown/black locust with fiery red (that red on the orange side) and yellow on its belly area. In the dream, it seemed like I had never seen a cockroach like those before so I asked the man what type of roach that is. I imagined it was a type local to London. He had to think a little because it’s like he hadn’t seen those often himself before but he answered but he confirmed it was from that region and said it was called Global Death.

Possible Interpretation: It seems like a deadly worldwide catastrophe will initiate from London or be caused by them (or the UK as a whole), spreading to the world, thus why the cockroach is a flying roach. It has global reach. The roach being local could mean that it’s something that UK itself will create or that it will stem out from an issue within that particular country. Cockroaches are insects that live in dirty and dark places, hard to kill, swift to move and we feel threatened by them. In many ways, it’s known to symbolize sickness but, overall, roaches in dreams symbolize being carriers of misfortune. Locusts are a biblical symbol for judgment upon rebellious nations and is normally associated with the destruction of crops and fields which indicates lack of food provisions so this catastrophe may cause a negative agricultural and, therefore, economic effect in the world or at least in London. The colors of the locust/roach are what I believe to be a dark brown/black (its body). Biblically, black tends to symbolize sin, darkness, catastrophe and death. Brown normally symbolizes the earth. The other two colors, red and yellow, both symbolize fire. I can only think of Revelation 9:17 that says,

And the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released, so that they would kill a third of mankind. The number of the armies of the horsemen was two hundred million; I heard the number of them. And this is how I saw in the vision the horses and those who sat on them: the riders had breastplates the color of fire and of hyacinth and of brimstone; and the heads of the horses are like the heads of lions; and out of their mouths proceed fire and smoke and brimstone.”

Even though the colors fiery red and sulfur yellow are the same I saw but the third color is hyacinth which is a dark blue verging on black. Since Revelation 9 as a whole talks about locusts followed by 4 angels bringing death, this chapter is normally interpreted as being about imminent war. I truly hope this dream is not about a war. The colors of the British army are fiery red, brimstone yellow and black (including hyacinth blue at times).

Notably, other armies that have 2 or more of these colors:

– The colors of the German flag are fiery red, brimstone yellow and black

–  The colors of the Russian army are fiery red, brimstone yellow and hyacinth blue.

–  The colors of the Iranian army include hyacinth blue and brimstone yellow.

– The Turkish army colors include fiery red and hyacinth blue.

– The new Chinese army colors include fiery red, brimstone yellow and hyacinth blue.

Dream: Trump and the Cash Suitcase

This dream on 5/11/2020 was very quick but some understanding came within the dream. Donald Trump was carrying a suitcase with money in it. He placed it on a table and opened it. I understood there was an amount in the trillions of dollars (U.S. dollars).  I understood it was not money he was receiving but money he would be spending on something. Dread came over me in the dream when I saw the money and understood he would be spending it. I had an understanding in the dream that using this money would ruin the economy of the country.

Interpretation: After I woke up, I Googled “trillion Trump” and various stimulus check articles came up stating the president had already spent 1 trillion dollars in stimulus checks to Americans and that another 2-3 trillion were being voted on to be spent. I had no doubt that this is regarding this emergency pulling out of money to hurt our economy in a really bad way later.

Vision: Middle Eastern Leaders Kiss

This was not a dream but a morning vision written down as soon as I saw it at 8:52am EST on 3/31/2020.
A middle eastern man with presidential attire was on a stage. I understood him to be a prime minister or the president of a modern Middle Eastern country. He had salt and pepper beard, seemed to be in his 50s. I can’t remember if he had glasses on but he was on the tall side and approximately 180 lbs. There were government officials behind him and media and other people in front of him, watching him as if he had just given a presidential speech. I was watching him from a front right angle as if I was there where he was. A shorter man with a white tall turban on was standing to his right. The prime minister/president then kisses the man with the turban in the mouth in front of all, announcing they’re homosexuals and celebrating it openly.
Interpretation: This could be a literal world event and/or this could symbolize an unusual marriage between the traditional and modern muslim worlds in a way that will shock the world and break the current mindset and ways of the East.


Selfless. Here’s a word that defines almost none of us these days, myself included.

Worse yet, few see the value in being selfless because even when we are selfless, we may still suffer, get betrayed and ultimately end up in what we consider to be a loss. Because we love and don’t get love back or get mistreatment instead, we naturally build a wall of self-protection and the whole world ends up doing that, so nobody loves on anybody beyond a certain level of inconvenience to us.

When we love based on our own benefits and losses, love loses its full effect. The beauty of being selfless is that selfless people understand their goal in life is not to make themselves happy – simply because they will never be able to reach that goal – but the goal is to obtain joy and share this joy with others so they too may have it (happiness is a feeling, not the same as joy). And in that, everybody gets satisfaction. This joy then empowers love to be put to action without limitations or fears.

We then have the ability to become mature enough to love unconditionally, which also means no longer being afraid to be hurt, to get offended or betrayed in the process, knowing that these things will still happen, but also knowing that the pain we will experience will never be world crushing enough to take away our joy, and the love given will still be the most satisfying because we are a part of a whole, and when the whole is healthy, I am healthy, and when I’m healthy, the whole can become healthy. Selfless people, who love just for the sake of loving, not expecting anything back, have this inner peace that surpasses all understanding, the peace and the joy we all look for everywhere else all our lives and never find.

This is why I particularly value so much the selfless act of love God did for us, it was extremely painful to him (to the point he had to look away when He saw Jesus crucified) but he did it anyway. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”- John 3:16.

The ultimate selfless heart is what I want. Pure, clean and healthy from the inside out.

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence, God, there is fullness of joy” – Psalm 16:11

I almost died in the womb. Yeah, I hate abortion.


If you’re looking for a scientific article on this commentary about the new NY abortion law, you won’t find it here but it won’t be purely emotional either. I’ll throw in some facts along the way to satisfy some of you because apparently, the world can only believe things it sees with physical eyes and that are proven by Science, which is funny because Science errs often, so I guess we have “blind” faith in Science – pun intended. But the jab isn’t at Science so let’s move on.

Do you know why I so fiercely side against abortion? I mean, other than reasons that I particularly find very illogic such as the fact we care so much plastic consumption or about the cruel treatment of an animal but a mother killing her child is a human right? Or that we consider a small organism in Mars “life” but a baby in the womb is just “tissue”? Or the fact that Planned Parenthood crushes the heads of the babies but keeps their organs so they can sell them as stated by Senator James Lankford in 2015 (video below)? Or the fact that several doctors laugh at the babies when killing them treating babies and mothers as cheap commodity because – news flash – they have no regard to other lives themselves? Or how politicians make it a horrific thing to own guns but make it totally OK to kill an unborn child? Or explaining to the family of a pregnant woman whose baby and her were victims of murder that the murderer will only be charged for the mother’s death because the child she carried in her womb wasn’t a person! Or maybe the fact that there is no medical necessity to kill a baby in its third trimester as stated by Board Certified OB/GYN Dr. Omar L. Hamada below and many others?


Ah, you thought I meant those reasons. If only those were the only reasons that make me cringe and hate abortion to the core! Let’s face it, abortion is not a solution, it’s an escape. Yes, it normally is performed in light of deeply tragic adversities by a mother, in her “no light at the end of the tunnel” desperation but at the end of the day, she does it for her own good even when she tells herself she’s doing for the baby. That brings nothing but more pain to the mother. Like Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins stated,

“We’re saying here in New York, women’s lives matter. We’re saying here in New York, women’s decisions matter”. Yeah, not the baby’s, the women’s, got it! But hey, my body, my rules, right? Except that it’s not your body you’re killing, it’s someone else’s who never had a chance to have opinion about their own life.

You’re being insensitive towards the mother, Mia. It’s not about lack of compassion, it’s about encouraging mothers to know they ARE strong, they’re stronger than making fear their lord because when God allows tragedy, He also always provides a healthy escape, that doesn’t end in inner destruction, you just need to take it. OK, so… let me tell you about my mother’s desperation when pregnant with me When I was in my mother’s womb, my heart got very weak and eventually it stopped working. It’d constantly stop both before and during labor. My mother was also starting to go under during surgery due to pre-eclampsia she developed at around 20 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor had tough news to give my parents, that she most likely wouldn’t be able to save both my mother and I.

However, my beautiful and brave mother went through with labor anyway, with a “it’s in God’s hands” mindset, despite the possibility of both her and I dying. At 10:30pm on a November the 13th (NOT a Friday the 13th but I was born the same day 23,000 people got killed by a volcano eruption) there we were, both mother and daughter alive in the world. I also have a family member who, unfortunately, offered to pay his girlfriend at the time to abort their child. Thankfully, the mother said no, the child was born and I am extremely happy to have such an outstanding kid as part of our family today.  I’m very happy his mother fought for him and I’ll be forever grateful that my mother was willing to give her life to fight for mine.

I wholeheartedly believe absolutely nothing justifies abortion. I didn’t always think like that but I do now. It’s simply not up to us to control the destiny of a life that doesn’t have a voice as to whether or not they would like to live. We fight for democracy to defend our rights but where is the application of democracy when it’s us who need to apply it towards others? These babies didn’t get to vote but you got to live, didn’t you? You didn’t choose it but if you got to, would you elect to not be born? Exactly, you don’t know so please don’t decide for them. Aren’t you happy to be alive even with all your problems? If you weren’t you would’ve killed yourself by now. So why are we determining the death of someone who can’t have an opinion about their own life and might very well be happy to be alive even with all their problems?

Funny thing is that every single person who has come against my view on this matter so far – both directly debating with me or in videos I watch on the internet – has utterly failed to give me one scientific, concise, cohesive or even logical reason as to why their belief is justifiable. They also have all been unable to successfully refute arguments or provide answers to questions without them being based on personal opinion, jaded emotions and an underlying sense of self-centeredness (the “I do what I want” mentality, which I find extremely immature and selfish). Interestingly enough, almost all these people who have stood against my view on this topic have never even met somebody who’s gone through an abortion, never had a real conversation with one but believe they are standing for social justice. How can that grant anyone credibility? But if you believe facts and numbers don’t lie, there’s plenty of those on the internet. Please go look it up. If you believe feelings should be taken into consideration, please go watch the thousands of women speaking up online about what abortion did to them, irreparable damage. They’ve exchanged an unsure future of pain for a sure future of pain. I urge you to get educated before standing up for something like this.

So many women are in agony today because they’d love to have babies to love on them and care for, even with very little to offer but can’t have them, and on the other side I see mothers throw their babies away because they allowed themselves to believe it’s too hard to do life with them. What a tragic lie to believe in. The harsh truth that no one tells you is that you won’t find peace of mind even if disposing of your baby, I’m very sorry to say. In fact you’ll have even more sorrows, many times irreparable physical, emotional, spiritual and/or psychological damage. It won’t make it easier or better, it will be harder and then you’ll either live miserably inside or pretend you don’t. I’ve seen so many people with death sentences living in the end, myself included, so who are we to be judges of life and death?

Lastly, let’s also consider that at least one of the 45 million aborted babies since the 70’s (depopulation theory heaven for conspiracy theorists) or the 638,169 children who have been legally aborted in 2015 alone according to the CDC could potentially have been an individual that this world needed on a major scale. Maybe someone incredible in Science, Politics, Education, Philosophy, Religion. We’ll never know because we’ve killed them.

We were born to be strong, we were beautifully designed to have children and not kill them and you were certainly not designed to live in misery, so let’s choose to fight and overcome for both lives, we are capable! “Love your neighbor as yourself”. It’s not loving you over the other. It’s loving both equally.

There is hope and help for you. Don’t be afraid to talk. Somebody WILL understand you and guide you in the right direction. Get the help you need.

Text HELPLINE to 313131.

Here’s a list of centers specialized in helping women all over the world who are considering an abortion or have had one and are dealing with the pain that follows.

World Directory of Pregnancy Centers

U.S./Canada – https://optionline.org/center-locator/

After Abortion Support – https://optionline.org/after-abortion-support/ 


Senator James Lankford explaining how Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby organs for research. How can they not be humans if their organs have human value?


Learn how you can possibly reverse your abortion if you’ve taken an abortion pill. This is not a proven method although you can see below it’s had success stories. There’s hope!


Hear an abortion surviver share her story and gratitude for being alive.

The Disease of Mindless Music

Hey there! It’s been a while, I know. You can catch me more often on Instagram @miarioonline or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rioonlinepage. Anyways…

Reflecting on my sense of purpose recently and whether or not I have actually accomplished anything in it, my mind took me into thinking about the whole genre of music I’m categorized in, Pop Music. This reflection earned me a spread in Recount Magazine this week. Take a read (it’s long but read it anyway, it’s important – no pressure- jk, yes, total pressure).

The Disease of Mindless Music


Sweat, Tears & Injuries Literally Describe The Making Of Dynamite Love’s Music Video

Every fan of every artist loves to visually enjoy the end result of their music videos but nobody really knows – and some don’t really care to – how much work really goes into making one.

First of all, it took me a year just to be able to make a video for the song. And before that, weeks just to come up with the idea and narrow it down to what elements would make the most sense, be the coolest and still fit the budget.

I had no idea my music video, super simple and easy to make in my head, would cost me an arm and a leg and a whole body! There go my dreams and hopes down the drain. I’m not gonna lie, discouragement hit me pretty hard but I am blessed to have some pretty awesome people in my life to keep pushing me forward when I don’t have the strength anymore.

After getting a ton of quotes and feeling like I should maybe just quit music altogether, my miracle happens. Enters Eric Vorhies with Twisted Hair Storytelling.

Eric made me an incredible deal. He believed in my music and in me, and thought it was worth it to be a bit sacrificial for my sake. Yes, he got benefits from it too, but what he did for me is extremely rare. Tears run down my face as I speak.

We both went pretty hands-on into this project and gathered our efforts in making sure all our resources would make for the best video we could possibly make. Improvisation was the name of the game. Also, physical pain.

15 hours in soul-burning heels was nothing! After getting my wrists slit – not intentionally – from the puppeteer cords, I was asked the next day if I tried to commit suicide lol (not funny though). During the fall scene,  I hurt my neck and also got my heels stuck in the ladder, and I literally hit the floor. Got a concussion there but all good, I was still alive and determined to finish what we’d started. Luckily, the fire scene that almost got me burned in the face was the last scene we shot.

After long hours of editing and a replaced motherboard on Eric’s computer that resulted in 5 months of wait – just thankful he backed up the files – and after a sorry soul ordered over 1,000 dislikes on all my music videos forcing me to take it down and re-upload, Dynamite Love is alive and well. And I’m so freaking proud of our work I’m sweating!

Thank you Eric, Robbie, John and May. Our accomplishment will be unforgettable.


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What Does It Actually Mean To Believe in Jesus?

No, really, what does it really mean?

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life”- John 3:16

We tend to understand that believing in Jesus is acknowledging He is God and feeling thankful for it. That’s like an alcoholic who needs help acknowledging he is an alcoholic. It’s only the first step.

First, let me say that a huge percentage of churches in America don’t even understand what it means to be saved. But once you do understand, if you truly care for what it means, you will do way more than just acknowledging Jesus as God.

Some people who feel thankful for Jesus – and this is the keyword here, “feel” – feel like they have to go to church at least once in a while to say thanks, kind of like when you buy something at Starbucks just because you feel bad about using their internet for free. It’s like you just go to church to clock in and clock out with God, saying “Hey God, I’m here. I put in the effort today. Hope you like it and maybe can fix some things for me”. You kind of go to “make things right” with God that way, especially if you had a rough week, month, year and all. Some feel more thankful than others and go to church every Sunday and help the community and others like, “See, God? I love you so much that I put in huge effort every time”. I grew up in the second group. My home church at the time had activities almost every day, and I was there at least 3 times a week, twice on Sunday alone. I loved being there and showing love to God in this way, but deep inside I thought I would be at odds with God if I didn’t do my best.

And this is where the problem lies and confuses us about the meaning of “believing in Jesus”. Believing has become a combination of acknowledging Jesus as God with working hard to earn closeness with this God. You want to captivate God through how much good you do, how much effort you put in but Jesus teaches the very opposite. This is not believing.

Jesus removed the obligation of trying hard to earn God’s love and acceptance by his death on the cross and resurrection. He gave us this love without us being able to do anything to pay him back. Believing in Jesus means we not only acknowledge him as God but we are so thankful for what He’s done and who He is that we decide to love him back.

So what am I saying then? That God doesn’t care how much good we do then? No, I’m saying the motivation behind why you do good changes when you believe.

The Bible says “faith without works is dead”. The same way you can do good works and have the completely wrong motivation behind it, making it worthless to God, you can also have a useless faith when it’s nothing but a feeling with no tangible results, meaning no good works. Good works is a consequence of having faith. Because you believe, you have now this new desire to do good, because you now have pleasure in loving; that is how our love for God is best expressed. In turn, you start losing the desire for things which God calls evil – and the more you get to know Him, He shows you what they are.

Believing doesn’t start with a feeling. I can feel deeply touched by inspiration the story of Jesus, even drop some tears, make some realizations about myself and say “Oh I believe!” and then a few days from now, all goes back to same. I am sorry to say you did not believe. The Bible says believing is knowing past the emotional. It’s to treat the truth you were told as a FACT.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”. Hebrews 11:1

This verse is saying that believing is when you are 100% sure that something is when you haven’t seen it yet – and that ties into hope, because you strive to one day seeing it. Have you ever seen Jesus in the flesh? No. Do you know He is the Son of God, who died for your sins and resurrected, overcoming death itself 3 days later? Yes! Is it a fact to you? An absolutely unshakable fact.  If you accept this last statement as an absolute truth, even if you don’t understand it all in details, then you have believed.

Now when you believe, this truth becomes so impactful to you that it changes your entire perspective on life, and you can’t help but want to change your entire way of living, completely surrendering your decisions, actions, words and thinking in God’s hands as in complete trust, and as an act of thanksgiving . The Bible calls it “dying to self”. That is the believing Jesus talks about. Starting a sincere friendship, a permanent partnership with a partner that never fails you, and vows to have your best interest in mind every time.

Taking that stand welcomes this supernatural change that happens in your heart after that. I say supernatural because this is something we really can’t do on our own successfully all life long without divine intervention. It would completely drain us, first of all. When we believe, we open ourselves up to God to be our teacher on how to love Him, yourself and others on another level. He also teaches you what he loves and what grieves him, and you start having this strong desire to love what He loves and to turn away from what grieves Him. The ultimate goal is to be able to love unconditionally as we were loved by God in this way, but it is a lifelong process, even with divine intervention. If you have not experienced this desire to learn how to love God, yourself and others on a deeper level than humanity is used to, you have not yet believed.

The tricky part with all this, in the beginning, is to make sure this belief is directed towards the right Jesus. What do I mean by that?

Many variations of the Jesus are being taught these days, most of them selling a Jesus that never existed, making him more attractive to us for appealing to our natural desires of feeling loved without changing our flaws, for example, or desires of not getting out of our comfort zones, or desires of power and wealth etc, which are all opposite of what the biblical Jesus is all about. People, and many pastors too, will twist Bible verses to prove their point and people believe because the explanation makes sense. But just because something makes sense and resonate, it doesn’t mean it’s truthful. It’s only by studying the Bible yourself and looking to understand the context of what you’re reading, and the exact meaning of words and terms, that you can get a true understanding of Jesus’ character, values and morals, mindset, and even communication style. This requires dedication, of course, but isn’t dedication love? And remember, God himself wil empower you to love Him this way. Give your devotion to the Jesus who will indeed come through.

To love someone is to see that person as valuable. They’re someone you want to dedicate to, to have deep respect for, someone worth taking care of, worth protecting, worth defending, worth giving your trust to and worth putting your trust in. Someone you’d like to see happy and make happy. Someone you give priority to, even over your own, someone so special to the point you’d lose anything important for him/her, you’d give a body part or even your life for that person.

Do you believe in Jesus?

If you realized you have not yet truly believed but wants to do so, I encourage you to go to a quiet place right now and have a conversation with God on this. Tell him with your own words, your own way, how you now surrender your life to Him, how you now believe and is looking forward to having a long lasting relationship with Him. Acknowledge that you are a sinner and need Him to transform you into a person who loves the way God loves. I would also encourage you to pray for God to guide you to a good church that can help you understand more the new things God will be showing you in this journey.

I would also encourage you to pray for God to guide you to a good local church that can help you understand more the new things God will be showing you in this journey. There are also many churches who stream online, if you don’t have access to one physically.

I’m excited for you!! Peace be with you and talk soon!




My First T-Shirt Line!

I really wanted to come up with a project that was fun and tied in with what I’m all about. Well, after some brainstorming and strokes in Photoshop, I launched {PURE}! I’m super excited to create a line of t-shirts I design myself, with messages I believe in and that I am proud of wearing. This is my spunky way of celebrating positive women who believe in higher standards for themselves.


Every month, a part of the T-shirt sales goes to a different small size charity. Most charity money goes to organizations that already have a strong structure, a big team and lots of money coming in, but there are tons of small, unknown charities that really struggle to survive and these are the ones I focus in. If you have a charity that needs help, feel free to write us with information on your organization.

Learn all about {PURE} by visiting www.miarioonline.com and click “Shop”. You can also go straight to the designs here: {PURE} by Mia Rio


What we wear screams a message, whether we mean to or not, whether we like it or not. Our clothes tell the world what we really think about ourselves. What does your closet say?

  • She’s Elegant – There is something powerful about a woman with class while being genuine to her essence.

🎶 MOOD JAMSmooth Operator – Sade

Glam RadarCredit: Glam Radar
  • She’s Smart – I want my clothes to let you know I got a lot more exciting things to offer than just my body.

🎶 MOOD JAM: Roar – Katy Perry

photo-43Credit: Art Becomes You
  • She’s Sassy – Colors, colors, colors! Feel my happiness, feel alive with me!

🎶 MOOD JAM: Confident – Demi Lovato

adrienne-bailon-FASHION-SHOWCredit: Raised By Culture
  • She’s Spunky – I am fun but also full of determination. In my heels or not, I will get it done. Don’t believe me, just watch!

🎶 MOOD JAM: Respect – Aretha Franklin

KOKO TVCredits: Koko Life
  • She’s Peaceful – I want you to feel my inner peace. Comfy clothes feel like I’m being hugged.

🎶 MOOD JAM: Try – Colbie Caillat

56324b64d73681dca58afaa5c5b73cb3Credit: Pinterest
  • She’s Sweet –  Balance is essential in life. A lioness can bite and hurt if she can’t be tamed.

🎶 MOOD JAM: Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding

Pinterest 2                           Credit: Pinterest
  • She’s Free –  I want people to experience my freedom. My clothes can’t limit me, nothing stops me.

🎶 MOOD JAM: Dynamite Love – Mia Rio


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